Send new certificate

Sending a certified email and obtaining a valid certificate as reliable proof is as easy as following our 4 steps

Fill in your details

Fill in the details of your certified email and we will assign you an email account

Write your email

Write your email and attach your files

Make the payment

Make the payment using the payment method you want

Download certificate

A few minutes after making the payment your certified email will be sent and certified, you will receive an email with the details

Step 1.

Fill in your details

Complete all the requested information, in this step you will provide personal information, contact (email and mobile number) *, generate your private email account and send your certified email.

(*) We will never contact you, the requested contact information will help you download your certificates and access your account at any time


It is mandatory to include your valid identity document to guarantee the validity of the certified email. Include numbers and letters as they appear in your document.